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Oklahoma State Penitentiary 

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Cell Door and Lock Replacement

Architecture Planning Technology was selected to provide architectural services for the cell door and lock replacement project at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Currently in the design development phase, this project will involve responding to any issues that may arise in a quick, decisive manner in order to facilitate the smooth, uninterrupted running of the facility as much as possible.

Architecture Planning Technology

McAlester, Oklahoma

Status: In the works - Design Development

Project Cost: $3,000,000.00

Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center

Oklahoma Juvenile Authority

New Control Center

Contracted under Kaighn Associates Architects, the Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center's new control building was heavily influenced by Mr. Harris. As the first point of contact for visitors to the Center, first impressions and security were of high priority in this project. Additionally, in the interest of staff safety, the facility was required to be a functional storm shelter as well. This building provided a wealth of learning experiences regarding design challenges within correctional facilities, as well as an opportunity to excel in modifying plans to overcome wind, drainage, and storm safety needs without compromising the integrity of the design.

Billy Harris under Kaighn Associates Architects

Tecumseh, Oklahoma

Status: Completed July 2014

Project Cost: $736,612.19

Lexington Assessment and Reception Center

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Cell door and lock replacement

The Lexington facility cell door and lock replacement project was contracted with Kaighn Associates Architects (KAA), and administration over the project was transferred to Architecture Planning Technology (APT) when KAA disbanded. APT oversaw the construction administration phase of this project, as well as worked alongside the owners to provide solutions to all encountered problems that arose.

Architecture Planning Technology via Kaighn Associates Architects

Lexington, Oklahoma

Status: Completed January 2018

Project Cost: $3,086,739.21

Oklahoma State Reformatory

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

New Restrictive Housing Unit

The new restrictive housing unit at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite, Oklahoma was one part of several new units that went in across the state in various locations. 

Billy Harris under Kaighn Associates Architects

Granite, Oklahoma

Status: Completed 2007

Project Cost: approximately $800,000.00

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